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Getting around Belgrade

Getting around Belgrade
Jul 4

This mini guide will help you get around Belgrade the way that suits you best.

Public Transportation

The public transportation system in Belgrade includes several tram, trolley and bus lines, as well as a city railway line from the Pančevo Bridge to Zemun. There are four types of tickets: monthly (for residents), credit (refilled on most larger kiosks), and one trip (bought at kiosks or at the vehicle driver’s).

Taxi Service

There are several taxi companies and associations in Belgrade. Avoid those stationed at the airport, since they charge double. A regular fare from the airport to the city should be around 10 to 15 €. The best would be to call one of the top carriers, and they send a vehicle in less than five minutes.

With Your Own Wehicle

When coming to Belgrade with your own vehicle, make sure that your accommodation place has its own parking, since parking is one of the most annoying issues in Belgrade. If you’ve never driven through chaotic metropolitan traffic, it might be smarter to avoid trying it in Belgrade.

Rent a Car

Several local and international agencies offer rent-a-car services with standard cars, vans and even mini-buses. Check out the list for more details.


There are about 65 kilometers of cycling paths in the city, mostly on the river shores, the Sava lake, and in New Belgrade. Belgrade is located on the European Eurovelo 6 and 11 cycling routes. However the old town is not very bicycle friendly, due to chaotic traffic on the streets and narrow sidewalks.

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